What is SMUNSP?

SMUNSP is the MUN conference and a club from the Swiss School of São Paulo (ESBSP). However, to understand SMUNSP, at first, MUN has to be explained.

MUN stands for Model United Nations, which is an educational simulation of the United Nations made by High School students to learn about diplomacy and international relations. In these simulations, students are separated into committees and are given different functions: delegates, chairs, crisis directors and press members. The delegates debate about important topics and the debates are mediated by chairs. The crisis directors imitate the unpredictable events in the world, in order to spice up the debate. Last but not least, the press members write articles with the highlights of the committees, as journalists from this imaginary world.
Around the world, many schools and universities host MUN conferences, and the SMUNSP club is responsible to represent ESBSP in those. Delegates from different high school years can attend to these external conferences where they can meet new people and create strong bonds with other delegates from inside and outside the school. It is a very rich experience for them, where they are able to learn, teach and make new friends.
ESBSP has also its internal conference: SMUNSP. In 2018, students decided to make their own conference, and since then, it is an annual event. The Organizing Team is responsible to make that whole event possible, divided in different departments, many students contribute in this process; from the housing of other students until the division of delegates in each committee.